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Our Vision

We want to inspire people through all senses and put a smile on their faces.

Old man

How we do it

Bringing unique ideas to life - inviting us to enjoy, inspire and move.

For example through products with a unique taste experience, an authentic story - created by people for people. Through manufactories and creative people who believe in their ideas and convinced us.  Sometimes we close "gaps" that we have discovered, even with our own products.

We are always concerned with quality over quantityThat is why many products are limited in a natural way.


For all…

who are curious
search for real stories and people behind the products
see the value in good things
are looking for something special - for themselves and for others
are hungry for new ideas, new taste experiences and inspiring, authentic products
know how to live and enjoy

We are BLife

We are constantly looking for great new pleasure products. For small, hidden manufactories, which we discover on our expeditions and produce the products that inspire us.  

And what we don't find, we do ourselves.
We are already working on the next ideas...

BLife - the manufacture of good taste